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Which Harry Potter Character Should You Be For Halloween?


Halloween Quiz Harry Potter

As you well know, Halloween and Harry Potter are very close, not only because the night of October 31 was the night where Voldelmort lost all his power when trying to kill Harry or because it was the night where Harry Potter's parents died. In this Harry Potter quiz we will assess your personality to know which character you should be for the most terrifying night of the year.

For many people Halloween is the best day of the year and it seems that within the Wizarding universe of Harry Potter it was also the most anticipated, at least by the students.

Quiz which Harry Potter character would you be on Halloween

The importance of Halloween in Harry Potter

Halloween Harry Potter

Halloween is a pagan date, a pagan day and the Harry Potter saga is written by a writer from Northern Europe, a north where paganism is common. Within the Harry Potter saga there are many references to this paganism: Wizards and witches are typical of pagan religions. Elves and other mythological creatures are taken from Norse mythology (Viking, Celtic and Germanic).

Also many Hogwarts classes were taken from the Norse, see for example the Ancient Runes class, the runes were a key element in Viking beliefs.

As is evident, October 31 at Hogwarts is also celebrated and its celebration is totally pagan: Pumpkins, ghosts, haunted houses and magical jokes were part of the Halloween celebration in Harry Potter.

At Hogwarts on October 31st, pumpkins, lots of candy, water snakes, and bats are adorned. Obviously, the Hogwarts ghosts must not be forgotten as they are more active than ever.

For Hogwarts students that night is the most anticipated of the year since fun, fear, jokes and sweets are in abundance, in an abundance full of magic.

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