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Quiz Harry Potter house: Hogwarts awaits you 😍 ⚡


Quiz which Harry Potter house

Any potterhead wants to know which house the sorting hat would send him to. However and today will be that day. Thanks to our Quiz which Harry Potter house you will be able to know with total security which is your Hogwarts house. To do this, you just have to answer in the most sincere way possible.

Many Potterheads try to answer so that they get one house or another, that is to be false. It's about you answering honestly, let the sorting hat choose the hogwarts house where you should study.

Quiz which Harry Potter house

About quiz for Harry Potter house

Ever since Harry Potter first donned the Sorting Hat in JK Rowling's magical world series, millions of fans have wondered which of the four Houses would be assigned the first night at Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin.

Throughout all these years, thousands of tests have been done to know which house you are from, well, we have been guided by several things to make our particular house selection.

In the first place we have taken by reference to Pottermore, in second place we have taken by reference the books and thirdly we have taken by reference the characteristics of each house.

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Quiz which Harry Potter house

Our test of which house you are is made following the guidelines, rules and above all, following the criteria that you can find in Pottermore. This means that the result you get will be the result of your Hogwarts house. You will not find a home test as complete as it is!

As good potterheads we know the importance of knowing which house is each wizard and each witch and that is why we have tried to make the best Hogwarts house test.

Quiz for potterheads what Harry Potter house are you

About quiz for Harry Potter house

As a result of our love for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, this quiz was born. We know that all potterheads, those who have not received the letter yet, wish with all their magical hearts to know their Hogwarts house.

We are just like you and as such we wanted to offer you the most accurate online Hogwarts house test on the Internet, more than 20 years of potterheads support our magical knowledge.

Here Nothing from Buzzfeed quiz harry potter house, sorry.

I love Buzzfeed too, huh? But let's face it ... His tests are more to gain audience and money than for a potterhead love and when there is a lack of that magical side, very Muggle things usually come out ...

I have done different tests on Buzzfeed to know what my Hogwarts house would be, I have answered with 4 different personalities that correspond to 4 different houses and they have never been right ... That does not happen with our quiz. Sorry Buzzfeed!

The importance of knowing what house you are from

One of the first questions that a Potterhead face when entering this Wizarding World is knowing which Hogwarts house they belong to.

We know that there are many Harry Potter tests where you can see which house you belong to, but those tests are on pages that don't care about Harry Potter, they just want visits.

Our test of which Hogwarts house you belong to is done with love, with great tact and above all following the logic of Harry Potter and Pottermore. A mixture that makes this Harry Potter house test help you very reliably to know which is your Hogwarts house.


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