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Maximum Pop! - What % Draco Malfoy are you?


What % Draco Malfoy are you?

You either hate Draco Malfoy or you love him. A character who can give the same disgust and the same pain at the same time. In this personality quiz you will be able to know what is the percentage of similarity between you and Draco Malfoy.

Maximum Pop! - What % Draco Malfoy are you?


Did you know....? 

Many people think that Draco Malfoy was bad, I am not a fan of this character, but I am not in the deepest ignorance about the basic understanding of his personality. A personality marked by a more than obvious symptom of inferiority and fear.

Draco Malfoy from a very young age was forced through severe and intolerant education to have an air of supremacy.

It occurred to him that he must feel more than the others just because he was pureblood.

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This made this young wizard from a very young age have a very unpleasant personality, the result of the punishments and discipline of his father, Lucius.

Malfoy's personality is made up of the overwhelming and dictatorial upbringing that his father subjected him to.

His mother, who was neither a Death Eater nor had the principles and thoughts of the father, could never do anything to prevent Lucius from educating him that way.

Malfoy was a complex and fearful child. To the point that every time someone stood up to him, he just cried.