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With which Hogwarts professor would you have a friendship

With which Hogwarts professor would you have a friendship

Surely more than once you have wondered what you would be like at Hogwarts, what magic wand you would have, which Hogwarts house you would go to, who your boyfriend would be or in this case, which Hogwarts teacher you would get along with best.

That day has arrived! In this Harry Potter personality test you will know with which Hogwarts teacher you would have a friendship. Just a friendship, huh?

 With which Hogwarts professor would you have a friendship- Quiz

Your wizard or witch personality will bring you closer to your most magical side

Let's talk about realism, okay? When a person is potterhead, which will certainly be your case, they are excited (and very much) to know who they would get along well with at Hogwarts, and more if it is a professor of the famous School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The same thing happens when we want to know which Harry Potter characterwould hate you, it is a type of information that every lover of this saga wants to know, that is how weird we are!

What we have based on to do this Harry personality quiz?

This personality test is not done in a random way, much less improvised.

Like all personality tests, it is based on fundamental psychological principles.

As in the Muggle World, in the Magical World there are different personalities, which are more compatible with one or the other.

In this test we will analyze each trait of your personality, each virtue, each defect, each characteristic and for this you must answer in the most sincere way possible.

It is not only about answering, it is about opening your soul, your mind and being completely sincere in each answer, only then will you know with which Hogwarts professor you would be friends.


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