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Which Harry Potter character hates you?

Which Harry Potter character hates you?

Within the Harry Potter universe there are many totally hateful characters; Umbridge, Umdridge and Umbridge. Did I say Umbridge? Well that, Umbridge.

Now imagine that you are within that magical universe. Which Harry Potter character would hate you?

Which Harry Potter character hates you?

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Within the vast world of Harry Potter we can find hundreds of different wizards and witches. Wait! Did I say hundreds? Better said thousands!

And you as a good potterhead will have a favorite character, a wizard or witch who has stolen your heart, right?

Well ... Well that's indifferent, do you know why? For something as simple as that here the important thing is not your taste, but your personality.

Indeed! This quiz is a personality test. In this test you will realize that it does not matter who your favorite character is, here your personality is evaluated and depending on it you will be told which Harry Potter character would hate you.

Do you dare to know?

Knowing that we will test your personality and depending on it we will tell you which wizard or witch of the Magical World would hate you, the question is simple: Do you really want to know?

Why maybe you are a fan of Harry Potter, or Hermione, or Malfoy or Voldelmort himself ...

And maybe, just maybe it turns out that that character who hates you is your favorite. Don't hate us! But we already warned you for a long time that this personality quiz is different from any other Harry Potter test.

Anyway, and if you want ... You can always know what your patronus is and thus not get into trouble, don't you think? 


This quiz was an idea taken from the best Harry Potter quiz page in Italian. A true source of inspiration for those of us who love creating tests.