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What percentage of Gryffindor are you?

porcentaje de gryffindor

Have you ever wondered what percentage you are from Gryffindor? What about the other houses? Maybe you know which Hogwarts house you are in and if not, answer this questionnaire: Which Hogwarts house are you from?

In this questionnaire you will know your Gryffindor percentage. Maybe you're a wizard or a witch from that house and you didn't even know it, or maybe ... You thought you were from Slytherin and ... Surprise! Turns out you're from Gryffindor.

Today you will find out. In this potter personality test we only ask you one thing: Sincerity. We started

Gryffindor percentage test

Are you as Gryffindor as you always thought?

They say that the members of the Gryffindor house are brave and loyal people, who fear nothing and put their family and friends above anything else.

Being from Gryffindor is much more than simply being your favorite house, as happens with the magic wand, in this case being from Gryffindor is a matter of personality, a matter of characteristics that you may or may not have, who knows ...

The important thing is to know yourself, to know what personality you have, to know your tastes, your strengths and your weaknesses and this Gryffindor test will help you to do so.

Also, this quiz is not about knowing which is your favorite house, it is about knowing if your personality fits with the personality of a wizard or witch of the house of Gryffindor.

So don't be surprised if you are from something else and that your percentage with the Gryffindor house is high, up to 100%! Even if you are from Slytherin.

Surprising, right? But is normal! Since one thing is our taste and another our personality.

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