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What is your patronus? This QUIZ will tell you

What is your patronus?

What is your patronus? This defense spell is one of the most popular and in turn is one of the most difficult to do.

As you well know, the patronus has an animal form, but no wizard or witch is able to know what their patronus is until they do it for the first time.

Well ... your time has come. Today you are going to know which is your patronus, please ... Take it as seriously as if it were when the magic wand chooses you.

What is your patronus?

What is your patronus quiz

Summoning a Patronus is not easy at all, we know ... However, we also know that those potterheads at heart can have enough strength to perform this fantastic defense charm.

Doing this quiz has not been easy at all and how could it be otherwise, we have been inspired by the old pottermore to help you precisely know what your Patronus is.

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Knowing what your Patronus is is essential for any potterhead, and as you well know, a Patronus can be any type of animal.

In our test we wanted to put many options and depending on your personality, tastes, your Hogwarts house and your mentality, you will have an animal or another associated with your Patronus.

What would your patronus be

As with any of our Quizs For Harry Potter, your answer must be accurate. Only then can you know what your true Patronus is.

Once you know it, you will have taken a new step in your potterhead life. In addition, you will already have a new way to get tattooed. Can you imagine getting your own Patronus tattooed?

We know that there are many maybe what your Patronus would be, but ... Ours differs somewhat: We are a team of potterheads, we know what you are looking for, what you need and above all, we understand the Magic World.

Based on our knowledge, on everything we have read and on Pottermore, we have surely created the most accurate Quiz so you know what your Patronus would be.