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Quiz: Are You a Wizard, Witch, or Simple Muggle? Find out!

Are you a wizard, a witch or a simple muggle?

Have you ever wondered what you would be like inside the wizarding world of Harry Potter? Well ... that day has arrived!

Once you know which magic wand is going to choose you, it's time to know if you really are a wizard, a witch or on the contrary ... Just a muggle.

Do you dare to do this Wizard, Witches and Muggle Detector Quiz?

Tell me, did you come out muggle?

I admit, this quiz will make you more proud than ever of your most magical side or on the contrary you will discover that inside you really are a Muggle.

It is likely that in all probability you are a true wizard or a witch, if not ... What would you do but on this page? We are the reference in Harry Potter tests!

However, I challenge you to something very potterhead: If your result was the one that takes you away from the most muggle ... Share the result on your social networks! Show your potterhead pride and help us out by sharing.

In addition, we invite you to check which is your Hogwarts house and thus be clear that not only are you not a Muggle, but you also correspond to a Hogwarts house.

Wizard, witch or muggle? Few want to know the answer

We know that although knowing if you are a wizard, a witch or a Muggle can be an exciting quest for many, the reality is different.

But not everyone is prepared to know the truth. This test is not easy at all, it is one of those Harry Potter personality quizzes that will help you to bring out your true nature.

But ... are you really prepared to know your nature? Because it may not be the result you are looking for, for this you must show a lot of security in your most potterhead side and above all, you must have enough courage to face the result that is.