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Potterhead quiz: 35 questions about Harry Potter

Quiz of 35 questions about Harry Potter.

These 35 questions about Harry Potter will test your knowledge of the magical world created by J.K Rowling more than ever. The question is ... Will you be able to hit 35/35? You should know that most of them are not capable of doing it.

Quiz of 35 questions about Harry Potter.

Did you pass this quiz of 35 things about Harry Potter?

When I was little I always loved testing Harry Potter; Put my knowledge of Harry Potter to the limit, see how far I could go ...

This quiz on 35 things about Harry Potter is just that. A perfect and ideal way to know if you really know as much as you think about your favorite saga.

I admit, I have not made it easy at all, but ... You are potterhead! What did you expect? It wasn't going to be a muggle level!

Still, I challenge you that if you have gotten a good grade, share this test on your social networks; In Harry Potter groups, with your friends ... Show your potterhead pride!

Also, you should know that this quiz on 35 Harry Potter things is not made for those "fans" who have been around for a short time.

Harry Pottter is a literary saga with a lot of content, a lot of information, so much information that not even those of us who have been potterheads for more than 20 years can know for sure each of the curiosities of Harry Potter.

Last but not least, I want to invite you to take a look at the rest of the quizzes that you will find on our website. We are the benchmark in Harry Potter quizzes, and we are because we are just as potterheads as you are!

Because if Harry Potter taught us something, it is that friends share ... And you and I are friends! True?