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10 celebrities you didn't know were part of Harry Potter

10 celebridades que no sabías que eran parte de Harry Potter

I bet 15 chocolate frogs you didn't know these celebrities were part of Harry Potter. Do you accept?

Harry Potter never ceases to amaze us. The best saga in the world even having ended years ago ... It is still a gold mine that continues to give us gold nuggets.

Prueba de celebridades de Harry Potter

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We know that taking a test about which Hogwarts house you are or whatyour Patronus is can be something very potterhead, however ... This test has something special! Don't you think

We also know that you like to take tests that test your nature as a wizard or witch and that is precisely this test.

This quiz is not made for just any fan, it is made for true fans, those who have the ability to notice every detail. A Harry Potter quiz for potterheads at heart.

Deep reflection on the actors and actresses of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter marked a whole generation, he did so to the point that more than 20 years later he is still present in the lives of many Potterheads, of millions of them.

It's amazing to see how the actors and actresses who played the different Harry Potter characters have done other movies and series, however ... They are always remembered for Harry Potter!

And that is precisely thanks to the greatness of this saga, the best saga in the world both literary and cinematographic.