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What Is Your Harry Potter Name? |Quiz|


What Is Your Harry Potter Name?

We know that J.K Rowling was able to make hundreds of magical names for the Harry Potter saga and that is precisely what we have based on for this Quiz. In it you will be able to know what your name is within the Magic World.

A fun Quiz that will help you to know your wizard or witch name. PS: Don't forget to share your magic name on your social networks. Shall we start?

What Is Your Harry Potter Name?

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All potterheads are aware that we would love to remove our muggle name and be able to proudly wear a wizard or witch name from the Hogwarts Universe.

Yes, I know ... I know many of you will name your pet or your future children after you, but ... What about you?

Fortunately in this fun quiz you will be able to know what your magic name is, the one that you would carry within the Magic World.

If you liked the result, don't forget to share it on your social networks. We do Harry Potter quizzes daily, give us back this love by sharing with your Muggle friends! : V